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Want a FUN, Fund-Raiser? It’s weather-proof (since you do this indoors) and we pay $400.00 upon completion! We bring everything to the group ~ their gym, cafeteria, fellowship hall, etc.

Use us as a reference:

Contact these Welcome Pardner! sponsors. You can do several of these at one time.

Robin Allford: Premiere Jewelry/ Raffle tickets, too: 678-0015

Randy Webb @ Western Bowl: Re: a Bowl-athon 681-2036 (his mobile)

Mark Torres & Quick Quack Car Wash (they do all the work and it’s eco-friendly), 4310 Coulter, 806.467.0077

Splash Water Park will do fund-raisers too, of course, they are seasonal. 376-4477 www.splashamarillo.com

Please contact any of our restaurants for Fund-Raiser opportunities! Tell them we sent you!

I hope this will help, as I’m being asked about these a lot. This should give some basic info to the non-profits.

More about our Fundraisers

We set up everything at your location, then Zip Dog will pick up the completed project and take it to the Post Office.

When the project has been completed and accepted by the PO, we give the group a check for $400. (An incomplete project means no pay, so the commitment HAS to be there!!) However, most groups love the project to get to know one another and have fun while collating the fliers.

There are about 9,000 envelopes to be stuffed and usually about 35 fliers. Your group can also provide a flier for your promotion!

If your group wants to put in a flier for the group stuffing, get something printed. A lead line could be…”This envelope was hand-stuffed for you by _(church or group)__ as a fund-raiser. We ..(give info about why your organization needs money, so recipients can respond)….”

We need one group per month. This is a FUN fund-raiser. As with ANY fund-raiser, there is work involved. It’s a time for bonding and fellowship; we encourage pot-luck dinners. This is like an old-fashioned quilting bee or a barn-raising. The more volunteers you have, the quicker you’re done! We had church & school groups complete the project in as little as 4 hours!

Typically we stuff the LAST week-end of every month, unless there’s a conflict with a holiday.

Give us a call today or email us at dj@welcomepardner.com for more information.


This is how our group stores our fliers @ their church now.