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Detailed Lighting Solutions

Detailed Lighting Solutions
Detailed Lighting Solutions

Brief Description

Detailed LED – Lighting Solutions is a locally owned and operated business.  Owner Jimmy Swicegood is passionate about modernizing lighting and saving people money!

We specialize in providing lighting updates using LED illumination.  Our LED lights are brighter, consume 50% – 92% less electricity, and are rated to last 5 – 22 years! (depending on usage).

Our company can save you a tremendous amount of money from the beginning by providing bulk quantity discounts, and by being able to convert your existing fixtures to LED illumination.  The saving continue as our lamps only consume a fraction of the electricity needed when compared to traditional lighting.

We understand that this is newer technology and that several people are unaware of the cost savings, benefits, and availability of LED lighting.
Detailed LED – Lighting Solutions is offering free consultations and lighting analysis to our neighbors in the Amarillo community

LED Lighting Facts

1. Unconditional 5 year warranty
2. Each lamp is rated to last 50,000 + hours! (If a lamp is left on 24/7, that time of 50,000 hours is approximately 5.5 years. Normal use will be 10+ years.)
3. All of our LEDs do not require a ballast. This means no more buying or replacing ballasts!
4. Our LED’s can operate in environments ranging from -22 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.
5. Voltage range is from 90 V to 277 V.
6. There is never a charge for shipping / freight!
7. We can keep your existing fixtures and just retrofit them to operate our LED lamps. This will save you around 60% versus buying new LED fixtures. (We also have all styles of new fixtures available.)
8. Our LED lamps consume 50% – 92% less electricity than standard fluorescent and metal halide lamps.
9. Kelvin colors can be a very soft / warm glow, or a cool / daylight glow. We will suggest and allow the customer to choose. Prices are the same for either.
10. Our LED lamps are 30% to 50% brighter than standard fluorescent and metal halide lamps.

Detailed LED – Lighting Solutions
Jimmy Swicegood

  • Detailed Lighting Solutions
  • Detailed Lighting Solutions

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Detailed Lighting Solutions