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Amarillo Montessori Academy

Amarillo Montessori Academy
Amarillo Montessori Academy
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Amarillo Montessori Academy (AMA) was founded in 1968. The first class had 19 children ages 3-5. Currently we serve over 100 children ages 6 weeks through the Kindergarten year. During the summer we also take children through the completion of their third grade year.

AMA, while licensed as a daycare, is much more. All of the teachers are Montessori certified. Stretch N Grow is a part of the preschool and bridge curriculum. They are at the school every Wednesday morning. The preschool and bridge classes have a weekly hour-long Spanish lesson. This lesson is aimed at the children learning basic Spanish words. La Dee Da is also a part of the curriculum for all the classes twice a month.


Infant Care

The goal of our infant care program here in Amarillo, Texas is to foster the development of trust, assisting in the natural evolution of the young child’s personality. We know that trust is cultivated in an environment where teachers respond attentively to the infant’s need to be loved and accepted. During these first formative years, we maintain our focus on the infant’s need for individual care and attention.



The aim of the Amarillo Montessori Academy toddler program is to assist children as they experience the basic human tasks of trust, separation, independence, and self-control. The focus is both on curriculum and materials, and on helping the toddler respond to the rapid and conflicting changes of this developmental age.


Amarillo Montessori Academy Bridge program for ages 2 to 3 years

The aim of the Amarillo Montessori Academy Bridge program is to assist children as they prepare for the Early Childhood class. The focus is on self -control, potty training and sitting on the line.


Early Education

The goal of the early childhood (3-6) environment is to cultivate-and be a catalyst to- a child’s own natural desire to learn. We encourage children to experience choice and make decisions, empowering them with intrinsic motivation and self-discipline, which strengthens their ability to think and act independently. Teachers guide each child “to do it by myself,” thus satisfying the child’s basic need for independence. By helping each child believe that they are capable, competent, and confident, we help create positive attitudes toward learning that last a lifetime.



Whereas in a Montessori preschool children work individually and focus on their own rich, inner development, the Montessori elementary student is considered a “child of the world.” These children are newly interested in developing and sustaining personal relationships with others and are beginning to look outside of themselves to find their place in the world. They are keenly interested in the world around them. This leads naturally to more group work, more collaborative projects and more emphasis on community involvement.

Address: 3806 S. Bowie Amarillo Tx 79110
City: Amarillo Tx 79110
State: Tx 79110
Zip: 79110
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