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Hiring the Right People

February 7, 2019 @ 7:00 am – 8:30 am
Hiring the Right People
410 S Taylor St
Amarillo, TX 79101
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Sabrina Meck Perez Amarillo EDC

Hiring the Right People

WHEN: Thursday, February 7th 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.
WHERE: ANB Skyline Room 16th Floor – 410 S. Taylor St. Amarillo, TX 79101
PRICE: $40 per person EARLY BIRD through January 31st, then $50
SIGN UP: https://build-your-talent-toolbox-hiring.eventbrite.com
Is it hard to hire the right people for your business or organization? The Build Your Talent Toolbox series is designed to help employers better recruit, retain and engage their current and future workforce. The Amarillo EDC, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, Buy The Way with the City of Amarillo and No Limits No Excuses have all come together to give area employers, from small business to non-profit, an opportunity to hear from two experts in the field of hiring the right people. Join us on February 7th!

Margaret Graziano is a leading talent management expert, keynote speaker, and author of The Wealth of Talent with over 20 years of real-world, hands-on experience in hiring strategy and talent development. She brings neuroscience to hiring, learning and development, and employee engagement. A pioneer in her field, Magi has developed a talent strategy system that gives business leaders the actionable steps they need to align their corporate strategy with their people strategy and thereby maximize employee effectiveness and engagement and develop high-performing teams who consistently elevate the customer experience.
As a busy executive or an HR professional, you know the success of your company depends on the people who comprise it. Since your company’s greatest asset is also your biggest investment, you know optimizing the human potential in your workforce is critical to the overall success of the business.
Our Conscious Hiring® and Development program ensures the right people are hired for the right reasons for the right role by:
• Identifying what you need before you start recruiting
• Providing a specific vetting process to find what you need
• Building relationships during the vetting process
• Creating an engaging on-boarding process
We train your HR and recruiting team in a keen employee selection process that is easy to implement and nets powerful results. Consequently, your company gains more control over the hiring process and attracts, in less time, qualified candidates who are aligned to your company’s values and a natural fit for the position.

We will also be joined by local employer, Joshua Raef, owner/operator of Chick-fil-A Georgia Street. Joshua will be bringing his experience of how hiring right the first time has saved his business time, money and resources while also helping retain the right employees in the long run.

Invite coworkers and friends who could use this for their organization here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2050236588366657/
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Sabrina Meck Perez
Director, Workforce Attraction & Retention
Amarillo EDC | 806-379-6411

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