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Don Harrington Discovery Center’s Battle of the Titans

January 26, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Battle of the Titans
1200 Streit Dr
Amarillo, TX 79106
See information below
Shanna Collins
806-355-9547 ext. 120

Battle of the Titans:
Don Harrington Discovery Center’s new traveling exhibit explores the unique relationships between two gigantic opponents as well as other species and the environment that existed during their time on Earth. In the near corner stands Triceratops, in the far Tyrannosaurus Rex. And the winner is?! Come to DHDC to find out how the match likely went down! Visit Don Harrington Discovery Center’s website for more information. See this exhibit during regular hours until May 19th, 2019.

In the near corner stands Triceratops. In the far corner, Tyrannosaurus Rex locks his eyes on his opponent. Which giant prevails? Visit DHDC to find out how this match likely went down. Just as in a boxing match, the exhibit provides a detailed comparison of each dino and shows the advantages and disadvantages both would have in battle. Visitors learn that not only were they perfectly matched to fight each other, but they depended on each other to survive as a species. Facts and clues are given throughout the exhibit to this strange paradox of interdependence. The answer of who wins in a battle lies in the environment – the plants, forest and ecology that shaped their existence, and ultimately led to their extinction. This Wonder Works exhibit explores the amazing mingled destinies of plants, dinosaurs, and mankind. Battle of the Titans will be on display for visitors to explore at the Don Harrington Discovery Center January 26- May 19, 2019 and is included in general admission.
The DHDC is excited to open this exhibit after hearing many requests from the community to bring in an exhibit containing dinosaurs. Dr. Aaron Pan, Executive Director of the Don Harrington Discovery Center says “We are so excited to be the first U.S. venue for this new exhibit which explores the last and most iconic dinosaurs that have ever existed! Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops were two supreme beasts that happen to also be the most formidable animals in North America at the end of the age of the dinosaurs. This exhibit highlights an apex predator with bone-crushing teeth versus a large plant-eater with armour and weaponry that would make a knight jealous”.
A child’s fascination with dinosaurs never goes out of style. And with the rapid pace of discovery in paleontology, the science behind it is always new, with ever-more relevant links to current issues in ecology and conservation. Within the Battle of the Titans exhibit, visitors can expect to:
• Journey through the century of research that has gone into these two animals, beginning with the startling discoveries in the late 1800s that completely shook up our understanding of the evolution of life on Earth.
• Touch real fossils.
• Watch exciting videos that more fully delve into the world in which the dinosaurs existed.
• See life-sized replicas of these two giants- the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Triceratops! You’ll also have a chance to view some smaller dinosaurs that co-inhabited in their environment, including the feather-bearing Troodon.
• Learn about dinosaur droppings — seriously! Parts of this exhibit explore both the input and output of these massive creatures and there is much to discover from the ‘@&%# Happens’ display.
• Literally see how each animal’s particular style of vision corresponds to its place within the ecosystem by placing your own head inside of a full-sized cast of T-tops and T. rex skulls to compare the vision of predators and herbivores. Special optical devices embedded in each skull allow visitors to experience the unique visual perspective of each animal, thus allowing us to see through the eyes of a giant predator!
• Discover hands-on casts from inside the craniums of both T. rex and T-tops, showing the actual size and shape of their brains. A bigger brain doesn’t always mean it will win does it?
• Learn more. What do you know about the K-T extinction event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago? Study this event at a portion of the exhibit that also features a real meteorite kids can touch, as well as a scale model of the comet Tempel 1, thought to be similar to the one that hit Earth.
• Dig for Dino bones! This digital Dino Pit is a first of its kind. Kids brush digital ‘dirt’ off fossil bones, assemble them into a skeleton, and watch as the dinosaur comes to life in a forest and roars.
• Feel as though you were really there! This exhibit includes realistic baby dinosaur models, that when operated by staff, appear to be live — moving, blinking, and squeaking.
• There is much more to see, explore, and do in this exciting exhibit.
Battle of the Titans is suitable for all ages and opens to the public at the Don Harrington Discovery Center on January 26th.
Battle of the Titans was produced by Wonderworks Exhibit Company Inc. and is making it’s US debut at the Discovery Center. Battle of the Titans funding is provided in part through the Panhandle Gives Campaign held in November through the Amarillo Area Foundation. DHDC is still working to fully fund this exciting exhibit. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring Battle of the Titans please contact Regina Ralston, Director of Development by emailing rralston@dhdc.org.
DHDC Visitor Information
Battle of the Titans will be open daily at the Don Harrington Discovery Center, located at 1200 Streit Drive in the Medical Center park from January 26th through May 19th. Admission is included in regular museum admission ($14 for adults and $9 for children (3 – 17), $11 for students (w/student ID), , and $11 for seniors and military). Shows in the Space Theater are also included in DHDC regular daily admission.
Additionally, DHDC members can enjoy a special members-only preview to explore Battle of the Titans from 7:00-8:30 on Friday January 25th. Light refreshments will also be available. DHDC Members get free daily visits, discounts on select programs and events, exhibit previews and specials, discounts at other museums, plus more benefits.
Information about memberships and daily visits can be found at dhdc.org.
Media inquiries in regards to Battle of the Titans should be directed to Shanna Collins, Development, Events & Marketing Coordinator at 806-355-9547 ext. 120 or email Scollins@dhdc.org.
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