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Don Harrington Discovery Center: New Fall Exhibit: Travel Adventure

January 6, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Travel Exhibit Opening at DHDC!

Don Harrington Discovery Center Opens New Fall Exhibit: Travel Adventure
In keeping with its mission to spark curiosity and inspire passion for lifelong learning, the Don Harrington Discovery Center (DHDC) will again roll out a new exhibit for the fall of 2017 to engage learners of all ages with hands-on educational experiences.
Several times per year, the DHDC completely changes the layout of its museum floors with both new seasonal and traveling exhibits. This Fall, the team at DHDC is bringing a popular kids’ theme to the museum. Due to copyright laws, the exact name can’t be used for this little connector building block but it starts with an ‘L” and ends with an ‘O’ and comes with a travel spin. Travel Adventure developed by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will be unveiled to the public.
Travel Adventure visitors are challenged to think creatively, plan, and build vehicles that can travel to exotic locations and move through all kinds of terrain — mountains, oceans, jungles, and deserts, to name a few.
There are lots of different ways to travel from here to there. Your imagination can take you anywhere.
Families entering the exhibit will pass beneath an archway made of oversized plastic brick, topped by a dimensional exhibit logo. Colorful travel posters of real-world destinations appear on the face of the wall, asking visitors, “Where will you go? How will you get there?” and “What will you build?” The exhibit features several pieces and areas to explore.
First Stop- “What Will You Build?” featuring an area for younger children (2-5) to start building their dream machine! It includes:
• “What Will You Build?” Table – a low build table with bins for bricks.
• Play Table – a play table with graphic roads and rivers as well as a dimensional model of Castle Himeji.
• Travel Track – Brick cars can be placed at the top of a six-lane track and released for a fast downhill slide. Graphic cutouts suggesting different “terrain” types line the tracks; at the “finish line” cars will roll under a cutout of Castle Himeji. Prompt labels will encourage creative building and rebuilding of vehicles.
• Racecar Photo Op – a large brick model of a child-sized racecar provides a fun opportunity for play and family photos.
The “Where Will You Go?” Vehicle Play Area featuring:
• Costume bins/mirrors – costumes may include pilots, sailors, ship captains, racecar drivers, and explorers.
• Adventure Vehicle – an oversized brick-themed airplane cockpit promotes immersive play. Video in the cockpit windows show looped video of real-world terrain scrolling past (deserts, mountains, jungles, cities, underwater, etc.) Oversized soft bricks are available in this area to “add on” to the back of the vehicle for creative building fun.
“What Will You Build?” Main Build/Play Area with building activities suited for families with children age 6 and up that features:
• Entry Area – 2D graphics combine with a thematic three-dimensional barrier to enclose the brick build area and provide area identifying text and imagery.
• Build Table Stations – three build tables with partial stud tops and large brick bins await creators; each table will include a graphic “build challenge” to offer inspiration for creative problem solving.
• “Terrain Test Table” – when builders have perfected their craft, they can take it to the three-dimensional sculpted play table within the build area. Families will be able to try their vehicles out on a play table with various “terrain” surfaces and see how they perform. Roll up and down the side of a volcano, navigate around ocean obstacles, and slide across the sandy beaches of the Hawaiian Islands.
• “Share Your Creation” Computer Interactive – Once you are done building you can save your unique vehicle for posterity by using the “Share Your Creation” station. A small camera will allow families to photograph their model against a destination backdrop, add a title, and email it to themselves.
“How Will You Get There?” Model Area- To reach travel destinations around the world, families will need the perfect vehicle. This area of the exhibit showcases:
• “Vehicles In Action” Cases – four display cases show off our collection of brick vehicles against different travel backdrops, as follows:
• San Francisco Bay Bridge: streetcar, motorcycle, sailing ship, hang glider
• Paris Arc de Triomphe: touring car, zeppelin, semi-trailer
• Hawaiian Island: outrigger canoe, junk, helicopter
• Cape Canaveral Florida: space shuttle, airplane, airboat
• Label text within the cases will convey the messages of picking the right vehicle for the right terrain.
“How Will You Get There?” Travel Inventions of the Past including:
• Moments in Travel History – four display models highlight some key moments in travel history – the first flight, the first car factory, the first giant steamship, and the first transcontinental railroad.
Adventure Challenge Area featuring:
• Travel Adventure Vehicle (T.A.V.) Adventure Scene – a custom-built diorama depicts the Travel Adventure Vehicle (T.A.V.) meeting multiple travel challenges on land, below the sea, and through the air. The scene is populated with figures in humorous situations.
• “Travel Challenge” Vehicle Building Game – this computer game lets families make choices about building a brick vehicle to meet a series of travel challenges, such as lava, swamps, rivers, and oceans! Children can make choices to add different parts to a basic vehicle in order to get from here to there through hazardous terrain.
There are lots of different ways to travel from here to there. You’ll have the opportunity to let your imagination take you anywhere!
Travel Adventure is produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and is generously and locally sponsored by the William O. and Louise H. Mullins Foundation, the Josephine Anderson Charitable Trust, the Waite & Genevieve Phillips Foundation, Bell Helicopter, Pete’s Car Smart KIA, Pantera Energy, AGN Media, KAMR Local 4 and Fox 14, Amarillo Wireless, and Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pan.
Travel Adventure will then open to the public and on display through early January.
The Discovery Center is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday during the school year. It is also open on Mondays on AISD school holidays and summer break. DHDC is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter. Hours of operation are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.
For more information about Travel Adventure, call Shanna Collins, DHDC Development, Marketing & Events Coordinator, at 806-355-9547 x120 or email scollins@dhdc.org.

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